Saphir Technical Cleaning Cloths

Picked the right size?

UK9 / EU43 / US10
Footbed length 284mm

If this is your first order we recommend you remove and measure the internal footbed from your current sneakers that fit you well.

Measure the full length accurately in millimetres.

If your measurement is longer than 284mm you should select the next size up.

If it is smaller check our sizing guide to find your closest size.

Compare your measurement against the above size chart and find your closest size. If your measurement is in-between sizes then choose the next size up.

Saphir Medaille D'Ors Technical Microfibre Cleaning Cloths have been specially developed to easily remove dirt while still being gentle enough to not damage any material. They are also suitable for creme application.

Pack of 3 cloths.
Machine washable and reusable.
Made in France