Dirt removal
Start by brushing your sneakers with a clean horsehair brush to remove any ingrained dirt particles.

For a regular gentle clean use Saphir Medaille d’Or Leather Lotion. This will gently clean and recondition the leather. Apply with a clean chamois cotton cloth using circular motions, and allow your sneakers to fully dry. 
For a deeper more thorough clean use Saphir Renomat. Apply with a chamois cotton cloth in circular motions, until you see the leather clearing up. Two to three passes should be enough to clean all layers of dirt and old polish. Remove any excess Renomat with a cloth, and allow your sneakers to fully dry (10-15 minutes), before proceeding to the next step.

After cleaning your sneakers, it is important to rehydrate them. We recommend using Saphir Renovateur, a mink oil based cream. Apply with a clean chamois cotton cloth in circular motions, allowing the leather to fully absorb the product. 

After nourishing your sneakers you need to add a layer of polish. We recommend Saphir Pommadier cream. Choose a colour that matches the leather.  Apply in circular motions with a clean chamois cotton cloth and let your sneakers dry.

As a final step we recommend applying a water repellent treatment on your sneakers to prolong the life and maintain the appearance of the leather. Use Saphir's Super Invulner Spray to provide a protective barrier. Its neutral colour is suitable for all colours. Use once a month and apply in a well ventilated area, preferably outside, from a distance of 12"-18" and allow 30 minutes to dry.