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Leather Care Guide

Dirt removal
Start by brushing your sneakers with a clean natural bristle brush to remove any ingrained dirt particles.
Upper Cleaning
For light dirt use Saphir Sneaker Care Foam Cleaner.  Shake and apply all over the shoe. Work the foam it into the material with a natural bristle brush and let it soak for 4-5 minutes. Once the foam has absorbed the dirt, brush it off with a clean brush rinsing it frequently while brushing off the foam. 
Outsole Cleaning
Use Saphir Sneaker Deep Clean. Apply with a Technical Cleaning Cloth or a natural bristle brush to access harder to reach areas of the outsole. Be careful not to touch the upper as it may cause staining. Wipe clean and allow to dry.
After cleaning your sneakers, it is very important to rehydrate and condition them. We recommend using Saphir Renovateur Creme. Apply with a clean Technical Cleaning Cloth in circular motions, allowing the leather to fully absorb the product. Wipe off with a cleanTechnical Cleaning Cloth and let your sneakers dry.
After nourishing your sneakers you need to add a layer of polish. We recommend Saphir MDO1925 creme. Choose a colour that matches the leather.  Apply in circular motions with a clean Technical Cleaning Cloth and let your sneakers dry.
As a final step we recommend applying a stain and water repellent treatment on your sneakers to prolong the life and maintain the appearance of the leather. Use Saphir's Super Invulner Protector Spray to provide a protective barrier. Its neutral colour is suitable for all leathers and all colours. Use once a month and apply in a well ventilated area, preferably outside, from a distance of 12"-18" and allow 30 minutes to dry. 
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