Uniform Standard is a direct-to-consumer brand.
This allows us to invest more in high quality materials, components and craftsmanship resulting in a superior product for the price you pay. We add only a small margin for us and pass the savings back to you. 

We never have sales

Sales are used by brands and retailers to clear excessive stocks due to errors in buying or for "artificial" promotion events. Sales encourage wasteful excessive purchasing that consumers do not really need.

Uniform Standard products are designed to be timeless and as we only ever produce in very limited quantities we always sell out so never need to have a sale. This means you can buy in confidence knowing that the prices on our website will never be discounted.

We don't offer free returns

There is no such thing as a "free return”. Brands build this cost into the upfront price you pay so if you keep your purchase you have paid them more than you should. This is unfair so we don't do it.  Returns also come with an enormous environmental price tag.  We are here to help give you the best advice on fit and size and our photos are an accurate reflection of the products we sell. 

By choosing to take this path we give you the quality you want at the right price and with mindful consideration for our precious planet.