Sneaker Care
Saphir Creme 1925 - Black

8,000 KZT
Choosing your size

If this is your first order
we recommend that you
measure your foot to help you
select the correct size.

Measure your biggest foot
and wear your normal socks.

Place your foot flat against a wall
on a piece of paper and mark your
longest toe and the back of your heel.

Measure the longest length
accurately in millimetres with a ruler
(usually its the middle of the big toe
to the middle of your back heel).

Enter the measurement below and your
recommended size will be shown.

Compare your measurement against the above size chart and find your closest size. If your measurement is in-between sizes then choose the next size up.

Saphir Médaille d’Or Crème 1925 is widely regarding as the finest shoe cream available on the market and favoured by leather enthusiasts worldwide.

This unique all-natural cream polish is formulated with seven different waxes, turpentine spirit and shea butter oil. Containing twice the amount of pigment found in other polishes it is exceptional at restoring the original colour of leather after sneakers have been cleaned and nourished. 


  • Ingredients - Beeswax, carnauba wax, montan wax, shea butter, turpentine spirit.
  • Application - Use on smooth and tumbled leather.
  • Not suitable for suede or nubuck.
  • Size - 75ml
  • Made in France

How to clean your leather sneakers