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Fit Guides

  1. Do not measure your actual foot.
  2. Instead take a pair of your existing sneakers that fit you well and take out the internal footbed.
  3. Using a soft tape measure, accurately measure the longest length in millimetres from the front of the footbed to the back of the heel, and refer to our size chart to find the closest measurement and corresponding size in our brand.

  1. If the length measurement is in between two sizes on our size guide, then take the larger size.

  1. Our width fitting is standard, but if you have a particularly wide or narrow foot, then it may also be worth measuring the footbed width at the widest point and refer to the same measurement in our chart.  



Footbed Length        Footbed Width   UK USA EU
265mm 83mm 6 7 40
270mm  85mm 7 8 41
275mm 87mm 8 9 42
285mm 89mm 9 10 43
290mm  91mm 10 11 44
295mm 93mm 11 12 45
300mm 95mm 12 13 46
310mm 97mm 13 14 47



Footbed Length        Footbed Width   UK USA EU
235mm 78mm 3 5 36
242mm 79mm 4 6 37
250mm 80mm 5 7 38
256mm 81mm 6 8 39
264mm 82mm 7 9 40
270mm 83mm 8 10 41


Key tips:

Fabric sneakers can be worn with less space at the front of your toes since they are very soft compared to leather, so where possible measure the internal footbed from similar shaped pair of leather lined sneakers that you own and compare with our guide. 

It’s important to note that your internal footbed length will always be bigger than your physical foot length, but if the measurement of space between the end of your toes and your current sneakers footbed is less than 10mm, if you are in between sizes, or you naturally have a wider foot, you may want to consider ordering the next size up.

Foot volume is often overlooked, but simply opening the laces may give you a little bit more space and comfort across the top of your midfoot.

Measurements aside, shoe fit is subjective. Everyone’s foot shape is entirely unique and its normal for fit preferences to vary from person to person. You may prefer extra roominess or tightness in your sneakers, depending on how you like the sneakers to feel. 

Still unsure? Connect with us via livechat button or email us at for further assistance before choosing your size.