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Sneaker Care for Suede + Nubuck All Colours

A curated selection of the world's finest sneaker care products designed to keep your sneakers in pristine condition.

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Premium Care Kit Suede + Nubuck All ColoursPremium Care Kit Suede + Nubuck All Colours
Natural Bristle Sneaker Brush
Natural Bristle Sneaker Brush Sale price₸5,900.00
Suede + Nubuck Crepe Brush and Rubber Set
Suede + Nubuck Crepe Brush
Suede + Nubuck Crepe Brush Sale price₸7,000.00
Suede + Nubuck Rubber
Suede + Nubuck Rubber Sale price₸7,000.00
Sold outSaphir Sneaker Foam Cleaner
Saphir Sneaker Foam Cleaner Sale price₸9,400.00
Saphir Sneaker Deep Clean
Saphir Sneaker Deep Clean Sale price₸9,400.00
Saphir Technical Cleaning Cloths
Saphir Technical Cleaning Cloths Sale price₸3,500.00
Saphir Suede + Nubuck Renovateur - UNIFORM STANDARD
Saphir Suede + Nubuck Renovateur Sale price₸9,400.00
Saphir Super Invulner Stain Protector - UNIFORM STANDARD
Saphir Water + Stain Protector - Aerosol Free
Anti-Slip Clear Heel GripsAnti-Slip Clear Heel Grips
Anti-Slip Clear Heel Grips Sale price₸4,700.00
Angelus Professional Mink Oil Spray
Recycled Cotton Sneaker Dustbag
Recycled Cotton Sneaker Dustbag Sale price₸7,000.00
Natural Birch Sneaker ShapersNatural Birch Sneaker Shapers
Natural Birch Sneaker Shapers Sale price₸14,600.00