Small things matter

Traditional webshop packages produce loads of waste. We ship all our webshop orders in reusable RePack packages, with no extra cost for our customers.

We aim to encourage discussion on sustainability in the industry, arrange events on sustainable clothing, and consult other businesses in sustainable practices.
 We price our products responsibly, not pushing the prices below the cost that ensures we can produce them sustainably, ethically, and keep our quality intact.

We want to do our bit to reduce single use packaging waste. That is why we now ship our webshop orders with RePack, a fantastic closed loop reusable packaging system that reduces commerce packaging by 96%

RePack is made from recycled Polypropelene (PP) because it's durable, lighweight and recyclable. UK study shows Recycled PP has 73% smaller CO2 footprint than virgin PP.

Even bigger reductions in CO2 impact is achieved once RePack is returned for reuse.

You return your RePack pack by simply folding it and dropping it in a postbox